Do and don't during COVID-19 Phenomena

We are currently facing a serious situation in handling COVID-19. Day after day, there is increasing in number of people who get affected with corona virus. Other than that, rate of death is  also increasing.

This virus can easily spread among people that always exposed to the public. This virus can easily spread if the person cannot avoid from touching or get contact with any surface that has been contaminated with the virus.

Everybody should take action to avoid the spreading of the virus. We need to break the chain of the spreading of the virus. 

The are  few things that everyone should take into their consideration:

1) Please do not get into public if there is nothing necessary. 

2) Please stay away from people who is having COVID-19 symptoms. 

3) Dont simply touch your face area. 

4) Please stop bring your kids to park or wherever is not necessary.

5) Please do not use the same mask or share the mask with other people. 

Prevention is better than cure. We need to take action to prevent the spread of the disease. There are few things we need to do to avoid or to minimise the spreading of the COVID-19 

1) Please do regular hand washing. Please wash your hand with soap. 

2) You can also bring your hand sanitizer and please use it when you need to go outside. 

3) Please wear mask and change it frequently. 

4) You can also stay outside your house for a while, but avoid public, this virus cannot tolerate high heat temperature and it becomes weakened under the sun. 

5) Please take care of your family, especially kids, older people and people with other medical condition (asthma, respiratory problem or any severe disease) because the virus can easily attack people who has weak immune system. 

Everybody should take the responsibility and obey to the authorities. Stop being selfish and think about your future and others too.