Corona Disease or COVID-19 symptoms

Corona Disease spread rapidly across the country due to lack awareness among public. Today, schools, universities, private sector need to stop their operations in order to prevent the spread of the virus. If we do not break the chain of the COVID-19, situation can become worse and the future of country will be affected.

Students can not go to schools and universities, eldest cannot go to workplace , and a lot of us feel unsecured. How long we will face this kind of situation? This situation will not getting better if all of us do not want to take the responsibility to make it better. Everyone should plays their role. We should try our best to prevent the spread of the disease. 

First of all we should know the symptoms of the disease. There are few symptoms of the disease. People may experiece COUGH, FEVER, TIREDNESS, DIFFICULT TO BREATH (severe cases). Infected person may not notice the symptoms and symptoms may arise after 1 to 14 days depending to the individual immune system. 

If infected people know their status of being infected please go to the hospital and get the control treatment. Most people can recover from the disease without needing special treatment. The disease become serious if you let yourself to be untreated, especially for those people who has other medical condition or history. 

Please take care of yourself and also your family. We cannot undergo this situation without cooperation from one and another.